Episode 001: Importance of Faith, Family & Friendships

Welcome to the What is Really Important podcast, hosted by Kirk White and Christina Sheer. This is the show that hopes to bring you engaging conversations about life changing transformations. In this episode Kirk and Christina talk about their backgrounds and what lead them into the service of God.

Christina shares her background with us from her love of soccer as a child to giving it up because of injury. She started her journey to God that day. Years later, a friend was severely ill and they attended church together. Christina says it was at that moment she was overwhelmed by God’s presence and began her devotion to His path.

Following this experience, Christina went on several missions to other countries including moving to Cape Town and assisting their ministry in launching. Christina is now in the process of launching her new company Sheer Wisdom and aims to equip and inspire young believers to pursue their purpose.

Kirk then tells us his personal story. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 18. Having grown up Catholic, God has always been a part of his life but he has had moments of disillusionment.

We then hear about Kirk’s various business endeavors and how he was not serving God for a time after his divorce. He talks about his current career as a business owner, author, consultant, and financial advisor. He tells us how living intentionally has helped him find God’s purpose for him.

Kirk and Christina end today’s episode by discussing how God revealed His plans for them and reiterate the importance of faith, friends and family.

What is really important / Episode 001

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